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And Then You - Brittany/Santana [Glee]

OK, so I know I said that there would be no vidding until next week, but this video was partly done and I decided I wanted to take some time out this afternoon to finish it. The first two of my exams (the worst two!) are over now but I still have four left, so wish me luck! Anyway, this is just a simple video, no fancy editing, just Brittany and Santana. So I hope you like it ;)

Song: And Then You
Artist: Greg Laswell

+++ My video is on Vimeo here and is embedded on my tumblr here so if you want to share it on your own tumblr then please reblog it as opposed to reposting it. If you want to post it anywhere else please ask! I'm not uploading any of my Glee vids on YT because I'm worried about my account getting deleted, but if you want to be YT friends, this is me :)
+++ If you want a copy of the video or the song, you are more than welcome to let me know and I will upload for you. 
+++ Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!! It takes me hours and hours to make and upload these, and comments make me incredibly happy ♥
+++ Enjoy!!

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Tags: fanvid, ship: brittany/santana, tv: glee
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