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Love Should - Jane/Maura [Rizzoli and Isles]

I was initially planning on uploading this last night but I wasn't 100% sure I liked it, and I'm still not totally sure, but I've been tweaking it all day today and this is the best I can do, I think. And I think I like how it's turned out! If someone had said two or three weeks ago that I'd be vidding this to Jane/Maura I probably would have laughed because at the time it just wasn't how I saw them (speaking of the finale, I'm actually working on a post-Season 1 fanmix - and I've also been working on a Jane/Maura Season 1 one too, but I've run into a problem. I should really have got most of it down before the finale because now that final scene is like a prism that's colouring all my previous thoughts about them and it's making it SO HARD TO CHOOSE SONGS OMG. But anyway). But now that Season 1 is over I think that this song works (and it was given kalikeca's seal of approval, which is always good :D). So basically this video focuses on the brief moments between the moment when Jane was taken hostage and when she was taken outside. Martial Law focused somewhat on that but this is specifically Jane/Maura centric. Also, if it's of any interest, the title of my picspam came from this song - and I'm going to take this opportunity to say that there's some seriously awesome analysis going on in the comments over there, so go read!

I hope you all like this :) 

Song: Love Should
Artist: Moby

I own nothing. No copyright infringement intended.

+++ The video is on YT here. As far as I know it's not blocked anywhere, but if you can't watch it let me know and I'll upload it for you :)
+++ A lot of people ask if they can share my videos elsewhere (although many don't ask at all). I would be honoured if you actually wanted to share it, but please do drop me a quick line to let me know exactly where you're embedding it or linking to it. Anonymous comments are enabled so that even if you don't belong to LJ you can let me know. Also, please link back to this original post. I've posted it on my tumblr here so if you want to share it on your own then please reblog it as opposed to reposting it.
+++ If you want a copy of the video or the song, you are more than welcome to let me know and I will upload for you. 
+++ Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!! It takes me hours and hours to make and upload these, and comments make me incredibly happy ♥
+++ Enjoy!!
Tags: fanvid, ship: jane/maura, tv: rizzoli and isles
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